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Creative Soapmaking

Projects, Experiments, and Investigations

(and some small mysteries)

My Soap and Lotion Books!

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Here's where I get to share all the experiments I've done between writing my five books on soap and lotion making. There's a lot here that never made it into any of those books!

I've organized it in the form of a monthly magazine. So, just scroll down till you see a month that interests you.

The recipes are mostly just ingredients lists, because they assume you already know how to make soap. If you need directions, please see one or both of my first two books—Smart Soapmaking and Milk Soapmaking—or another reputable resource. Unless I say otherwise, each recipe makes a 30-ounce batch.

The pictures I show are either my own photos or else Victorian trade cards or other paper ephemera from my personal collection.

In many of the articles, you'll find a section called "What Would I Do?" That's my corner for preferences, opinions, and editorializing. Just look for this icon.


Sea Soaps

Soap Equipment and Ingredients


Chocolate Soaps

Resizing a Soap Recipe


Laundry Soap

Castile Soap

Increasing Lather


Egg Soaps

Designing Soaps for Different Uses

Analyzing and Fixing Problems


Silk Soaps

Floral and Fruit Scents

Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Soap Ads


Cucumber Soaps

Low Temperature Soapmaking


Citrus Soaps

Soapmaking as a Business


Herbal Soaps

Working with Trace Accelerants


Oatmeal Soaps

Selecting Vendors


Beer and Wine Soaps

Experimenting and Developing Recipes


Natural Colorants

Pumpkin Pie Soap

Taming Soda Ash


Wood Soaps

Soap Gifts

Shaving Soap

Home Fragrancing

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