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Anne’s Photography Page

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Late winter in Olympia—spring should be here, but if spring means flowers and sunshine, it isn't. I think I'm going nuts. Here, a crow perches in bare branches, as perfectly camouflaged as the season itself.

I've noticed that newcomers to a place have erratic ideas about trash and treasure. In the northwest, this grainlike grass is cultivated as an ornamental. I think it's beautiful, but it also looks to me like a weed. As a newcomer in California, I made a bouquet of another ornamental grass, locally known as foxtail. My friends were incredulous—it's a terrible pest plant there. It looked like wild wheat to me, and for all I know, that's exactly what it is.

Ducks and reflections, taken at Long's Pond in Olympia.

Red sky at night is the sailor's delight;
Red sky in the morning is the sailor's warning.

Another reflection, a folded hammock at the end of summer...

Late-summer dandelion.

Oriental poppy.

Gardeners' fence.

Great Grandmother's crazy quilt, photographed with help from my husband, Aaron Shepard. (Thanks, Aaron!)

Raindrops clinging to plum blossoms, Friday Harbor.

Boat, Victoria, BC.

A ladder goes down into the sea—its reflection comes back up.San Juan Island, Washington.

Looking through a fence at more fence. San Juan Island, Washington.

Bluebird eggs.

November rain making a necklace of the last autumn leaves.

Early snow in a tangle of branches, with one leaf caught in the foreground like a brooch on the tree.

Lifeboat, schooner Adventuress.

Madrona branch in the sun, Lime Kiln Point, San Juan Island.

A leaf-full of snow, Olympia, Washington.

Bug's eye view of my neighbor's garden, Friday Harbor.

San Juan County Fair, 2010.

Driftwood bench outside bookstore, Friday Harbor.

Fourth of July reflections, Roche Harbor, San Juan Island.

Water lilies on a pond, San Juan Island.

Marimbas before a performance, Olympia.

Oars, San Juan Island.

Sailboat seen through a driftwood window.

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