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Book illustration

Words and Pictures by Anne L. Watson

When Coco the mouse slips under a young spruce tree on his morning walk through the forest, he discovers a village of gingerbread houses and “Gingers”—gingerbread men and women brought to life by magic. But all is not well in Gingerbread Village. The Magic that built the village and protects it from outsiders seems to be fading, and the Gingers don’t know how to revive it.

Can Coco find a way to help the Gingers? And even if he does, can they trust him enough to let him?

Anne L. Watson creates a magical tale of friendship offered, rebuffed, but finally rewarded.

For ages 4 to 9.

Anne L. Watson is the author/illustrator of the Katie Mouse books, as well as the author of numerous craft books and novels for adults. Her illustrations are imaginative collages made from photos of felted animals, miniatures, and real-life objects, along with graphic arts creations and textures from Etsy and elsewhere, all assembled and manipulated in Photoshop.


You’re welcome to download a free digital copy of this book, if you’re willing to write a review on your favorite online retailer—or anywhere else—or even just want to evaluate the book for your own purchase. Your posted review can be positive or negative—really, say just what you think, good or bad! If you’re posting on Amazon, though, they want you to include a statement like, “I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.”

Also welcome to download it are educators, librarians, booksellers, rights buyers, or anyone else needing to evaluate it professionally.

To download now, just hit the link below. No personal info or approval is required. And please feel free to share this offer with others.

The Secret of Gingerbread Village ARC
(PDF, 4 MB)

Skyhook Press

Ebook ~ 2018

Paperback ~ 2018

Hardcover ~ 2018

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Book cover: The Secret of Gingerbread Village

Sample Text

“But how did you come alive?” asked Coco in wonder.

“We don’t really know,” said Leo. “When Cassia and I woke up, we were in a batch of cookies cooling on a kitchen counter. But none of the others came alive.”

“Somehow, we knew we were going to be eaten,” said Cassia, “so we climbed down and ran away.”

“We didn’t know where to go,” Leo went on, “but the Magic led us to this forest. Then just like you, we came in under the Tree—the door to Gingerbread Village.”

Anne’s Coco Mouse Books

Book cover: The Secret of Gingerbread Village Book cover: On Christmas Eve

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