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Cookie Molds Around the Year
An Almanac of Molds, Cookies, and Other Treats for Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Other Holidays, and Every Season

'Seasons of the Heart' cookie mold'

By Anne L. Watson

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In this companion to Baking with Cookie Molds, Anne L. Watson presents cookies and molds for many holidays and all seasons, as well as for special interests and occasions—weddings, kids, storytelling around the fireplace, and much more. With nearly 150 photos of molds, cookies, and processes, Cookie Molds Around the Year features new techniques and new recipes, along with a month-by-month diary of the seasons on San Juan Island, Watson’s home.

Anne L. Watson is the author of Baking with Cookie Molds, as well as a number of other popular books on home crafts and lifestyle, plus many novels. In a previous career, she was a historic preservation architecture consultant. Anne lives in Friday Harbor, Washington.

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Ebook ~ 2016
Paperback ~ 2017

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Basic Directions for Molded Cookies
How to Tell When Cookies Are Done
Shaping Cookie Tartlets

New Year’s, Twelfth Night, and Storytelling Around the Fire
Recipe: Lemon Shortbread Cookie Tartlets
First Story: Journey to the Twelfth-Night Market
Recipe: Spiced Lemon Pecan “King” Cookies
Second Story: The Ropedancer
Tip: Matching Cookies and Molds
Tip: Layer Cookies
Recipe: Raisin Layer Cookies
Recipe: Spice Cookies
Tip: Removing Extra Flour
Third Story: The White Cat
Recipe: Chocolate Coconut Tea Cookies
Tip: Chocolate Backing
Recipe: Lime Cookies
Tip: Odd-Shaped Sandwich Cookies

Valentine Hearts, Flowers, and Chocolates
Recipe: Milk Chocolate Cherry Cookies
Recipe: Dark Chocolate Cookies with Marzipan Topping
Tip: Working with Marzipan
Recipe: Cinnamon Cocoa Cookies
Tip: Trimming Cookies
Recipe: I-Love-You Cookies
Tip: Texture in Molded Cookies
Recipe: Chocolate Orange Layer Cookies
Tip: Preparing Cookie Molds
Recipe: “Sweets for the Sweet” Sugar Cookies
Cookie Molds from Found Objects

Saint Patrick’s Day and Shortbread
Creating Your Own Shortbread Recipe
Tip: Molding Shortbread
Tip: Shortbread Pans
Recipe: Tropical Shortbread
Recipe: Chocolate Almond Shortbread
Recipe: Butterscotch Shortbread
Tip: The Perfect Traditional Shortbread

Easter Baskets
Tip: Recognizing Kinds of Cookie Molds
Recipe: Coconut Sugar Cookies
Recipe: Cherry and Chocolate Layer Cookies
Honey and Sugar—The Pros and Cons
Tip: Honey and Sugar—Getting the Right Proportions
Strawberry Shortcake for Easter Dinner
Recipe: Chocolate Sugar Cookies
Tip: Another Idea for Cookie Tartlets
Tip: Creatively Combining Cookie Molds and Cutters
Recipe: Pecan Cookies with Chocolate Backing

Gardens, Flowers, Birds, and a Few Bugs
Tip: Where to Look for Old Cookie Molds
Tip: Using Antique Cookie Molds
Recipe: Soft Brandy Orange Cookies
Twentieth-Century Pottery Cookie Molds
Recipe: Cinnamon Almond Cookies
Kashigata and Moon Cake Molds
Metal Molds and Pans

June on the Island
Cake Topper Molds
Tip: Molding Marzipan and Fondant
Recipe: Dark Chocolate Cookies with Marzipan
Recipe: Easy Wedding Cookies
Tip: Flavoring Extracts and Waters
The Wedding Coach
The Bridal Arch
More Wedding Cookie Molds

Picnics in July
Recipe: Creamy Coconut Cookies
Modern Makers and Their Molds
Wood Molds
Composition Molds
Pottery Molds
Silicone Molds
Recipe: Maple Orange Cookies

The Island in August
Cookies and Molds for Kids
Tip: Kid-Friendly Cookie Molds
Tip: Kids and Flavors
Recipe: Your Own Animal Cookies
Plastic Animal Molds
Gingerbread Kids Mold
Recipe: Gingerbread for Kids
Rearing Horse Mold
Tip: Favorite Cartoon Characters
Hornbook Molds
Tea Party Cookie Stamp
Elves Dancing Mold
Triceratops Mold
Dog Molds

September on the Island
Fall Quilting
Quilted Hearts Mold
Recipe: Cookies for Quilters’ Tea
Heart in Hand Mold
Schoolhouse Quilt Mold
Tulip Basket Mold
Baltimore Album Wreath Mold
Homespun Heart Mold
Tip: Choosing a Recipe for Quilt Cookies
Vase of Flowers Mold
Pine Tree Mold
A Cookie Quilt

Halloween Cookie Molds
Witch Mold
Recipe: Chocolate Chip Layer Cookies
Haunted House Mold
Cat Mold
Recipe: Orange Cookies
Pumpkin Cookie Mold
Three Zanda Panda Cookie Molds

Late Fall—An Appreciation
Recipe: Apple or Pumpkin Cookie Tartlets
Recipe: Cinnamon Chestnut Cookies
Recipe: Cranberry Pecan Layer Cookies
Tip: Butter Molds for Cookies

December Holidays
Recipe: Cinnamon Almond Treats
Recipe: Honey Cream Cookies
Tip: Good Prints from Extra-Large Molds
Tip: Handling Oversize Cookies
Recipe: Maple Gingerbread Cookies
Recipe: Chocolate Raspberry Cookies
Recipe: Pecan Cookies
Tip: More on Trimming Cookies
Tip: Christmas Ornaments from Molded Cookies


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December Holidays

It’s cold now, here on San Juan Island. Snow is a possibility every morning, and frost is a certainty. The trees are bare, but we bundle up in layer upon layer of coats and sweaters.

And the days are so short. The sun comes up, far in the south, long after breakfast, and it sets long before dinner. This is the time of year when many cultures have celebrations to drive away the dark—Christmas, with all its lights and its star; Hanukkah, the festival of lights; Kwanzaa; Santa Lucia; midwinter festivals in several cultures; and many others throughout history.

Many homeowners on the island put up Christmas lights, of course, doubly welcome outside the town limits, where there are no streetlights.

There are decorations, too. I have a tiny model village I put on the mantel for Christmas, and it usually stays for most of the winter. The merchants of Friday Harbor help drive away the dark with a competition to decorate their shop fronts.

On December 5, we celebrate St. Nicholas Eve with molded cookies in the shape of the saint with his horse or donkey—some cookie molds show one, some the other. The story of St. Nicholas is not well-known, but he was a real person who performed great acts of generosity and kindness.

It was St. Nicholas cookies that originally sparked my own interest in molded cookies. My husband, Aaron Shepard, is a children’s author, and his children’s storybook The Baker’s Dozen is about a baker who learns a lesson of generosity from St. Nicholas himself.

Near the end of December is the winter solstice, that turning point that tells us that the sun is coming back, even as we see only cold and darkness.

The month ends, of course, with its cornucopia of Christmas cookies! These include almost every secular and religious motif you could think of, from jolly snowmen to medieval manger scenes. Baking cookies for family and friends is a special holiday joy, and in the spirit of St. Nicholas, let’s bake some to give away as well.

For this month, I feature both traditional and new recipes to bake and share.

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