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Cassie’s Castaways

Island Women
—Book 1—

By Anne L. Watson

When Amy Bendbowe receives a call for help from her dying mother, Cassie, she rushes from Washington’s San Juan Island to Mobile, Alabama, to see her. But Cassie has other ideas. Before letting Amy visit the hospital, she wants her to sell off or give away all the stock from Cassie’s secondhand store. Is Cassie trying to keep the distance that has long separated her from her daughter? Or is this her way to help Amy finally understand her?

Anne L. Watson, a retired historic preservation architecture consultant, is the author of several novels, plus books on such diverse subjects as soapmaking and baking with cookie molds. She currently lives in Friday Harbor, Washington, in the San Juan Islands—the home base of her Island Women trilogy—with her husband and fellow author, Aaron Shepard, and their cat, Skeeter.

Shepard & Piper
Ebook ~ 2015

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Book cover: Cassie's Castaways

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