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Stick Blender Reviews

Your turn to talk back! Let me know what you think of different brands of stick blender. Give as many details as you can about the blender and what's right or wrong about it. Rate it on a 1 to 5 scale, with 1 being awful and 5 being great. Here's my two cents' worth about the ones I've used recently.

Use my contact form to tell  me your opinion about the ones you've used!

Rating Brand
(and model # if known)
Bought used or new   Opinion   Reviewer
3 Braun
(Unknown Model)
Used   Fair performance. Switch broke when I'd had it for less than a year, but I don't know how old it was when I bought it. Took a fair amount of time to make soap. Difficult to clean.   Anne L. Watson
5 Braun
Multi Quick Model
New   Have used this model for over a year now with no problems with a multitude of Cold Process recipes. It has performed as needed and the blending part is detachable for easy cleaning either by hand or in the dishwasher. Would gladly buy another in the future (especially for the price).   Bryna Tracy
Luv4Country Soaps
5 Braun
Unknown Model, 200W
New   Paid just over $10 for it and have been using it for the past four years with great success.   Laura Doerner
Golden Sage
5 Braun, 400W New   The company's customer service is excellent. You can replace the motor if/when it dies, and not have to order the entire package like so many other products that are sold. Extra detachable blending sticks are affordable and easy to clean. I have 3, just in case I make goat's milk and vegan soaps in the same session.,  


Sweet Pea Soap

0 Chefman New   I bought a brand new Chefmate stick blender for my first ever small batch of cold process soap. I had to squeeze the buttons so hard to keep it running. Just as I reached trace and added lavender oil the blender shut off. I thought maybe it had just over heated because the whole handle had become so hot. No. It's dead. Lasted five minutes.   Jessica Zippi
5 Cuisinart CSB-76 New   Awesome!  

Margaret Harris

Bellaire, TX

5 Cuisinart CSB-76 New   200 watts. I used it to try your recipe for beginnig soap making and it worked well. It was easy to clean and inexpensive.   Libertad
5 Cuisinart CSB-76 New   I love my Cuisinart #CSB-76 for cold process soap, Powerful and very easy to use.   Cherie
5 CuisinArt Model # CSB-77 Furnished in class   200 watt motor. Works very, very well for bringing soap to a "quick" trace.   Joy Reavis
Sugar Maple Emu Farm
5 Cuisinart HB-155PC New   Really great stick blender with removable attachment. Variable speed, which allows me to either crank it up for a castille, go slow for low-temperature palm oil, or choose any speed in between. Best stick blender I've used. Got it reasonably cheap at Costco (sale price $19.99).   Elizabeth
4 Durabrand SM-40 New   A good blender but can only be submerged about 7 inches, which is not very deep. I use it for smaller batches of soap, such as 2-pound trial batches, to make sure I can reach to the bottom.   Kerri Mixon
Pallas Athene Soap
5 Hamilton Beach New   Never fails to bring trace in short time frame. Easy to use and cleanup is very simple. I would purchase another one of these if I needed a new one. I feel it does a great job and didn't cost a lot of money.   Deena Humphrey

Fairfield, MT

0 Hamilton Beach New   I used it for only 5 batches of soap before the motor burned up on me.   Becky Sessions
0 Hamilton Beach Used   I purchased a Hamilton Beach hand blender quite some time ago from a garage sale, so I have no idea how old it is, there was no book or box. I just started using it for some of the recipes I am trying. The switch is inside(almost too far) the handle so making it quite hard to push. I would definitely NOT recommend it.   Kelee Scott
5 Kitchenaid
Model 100
New   Pretty pricey, but it makes soap quicker than my Braun did--much quicker. I can make 100% olive oil Castile in five minutes with this one. The stem is removable, so it's much easier to clean than the Braun I had. Variable power settings.   Anne L. Watson
5 Kitchenaid
Model 100
New   240 watt motor. Works very well for bringing soap to a quick trace.   Joy Reavis
Sugar Maple Emu Farm
5 Oster 2605 New   Have had it for several years. It is a fierce little character, stainless steel with solid plastic handle. The blades are super sharp, it has several speeds and just generally does a perfect job on anything I 'asked' it to do. I cannot recall the price, or where I bought it, maybe Walmart, but I like it.   Petra Kues
0 Sanyo model shm 600, 250 watt, New   Don't buy this one if you want something that lasts! The steel shaft fell out and into my soap batch. When I checked the internet for this brand, 3 other reviewers said the same thing. Mine lasted 18 months.   Ingrid de Bree
5 Toastmaster THB2 New   May be submerged to 14 inches deep. I love this blender and I've used it every week for 7 years now.   Kerri Mixon
Pallas Athene Soap
4 Toastmaster 1740 New   Performs really well, and my soap comes to trace very quickly every time.
I can't take it apart for cleaning, but a quick run on low, in warm soapy water, and a rinse, cleans it almost every time. Cleans better and quicker if I let the residue saponify instead of cleaning the blender right away.
  Susanne Blessing-Hall
5 Walgreen's Store Brand (Kitchen Gourmet) New   The mixing shaft is plastic, detaches and is incredibly easy to clean. Very inexpensive, but good quality. I've been using this brand for nearly 4 years. I've abused the motors on these to no end, and have never had one burn out.

I've tried other brands and have never been happy with them. Some were too strong, and traced my soap way too quickly. Others didn't seem to pull the entire mixture through, leaving parts unmixed.

My only problem is that I can only make 5-6 gallons of lotion at a time with it.
  Lindsay Goodwin
Soapers Workshop


5 Waring Model WSB33C
Commercial Quik Stick
New   100 Watt Motor, stainless steel shaft and blade. Two speed. Tough enough to blend even a partially seized or thick traced batch. Low speed will trace soap really fast. Not good if I'm making swirled soap, because it traces too fast.   Ilene Shaffer
Michigan Country Soapworks
Numerical rating not given Hamilton Beach, Type HB08 New   The unit is a little heavy and pressing on the on button to keep it running while holding it in the soap batter can get a little stressful on the right thumb, so I sometimes switch hands for a bit, but that's not much of a problem. It gets a little warm in my hand, indicating that it is working fairly hard. The sound and "feel" of how it is working in the mixture also indicate that it is working hard. Sometimes I turn it off for a few seconds to give my hands a quick rest and also to let it cool down a little. The Hamilton Beach seems to get the soap ready to pour into molds pretty fast, but I have not timed it. I have used it perhaps a half a dozen times, so my experience with it is not long term, but it is working fine for me, so far.    


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