The Mice Step Out!


A Visit from the Grandparent Mice

"I can hardly wait!" squeaked DaughterMouse, for about the tenth time that morning.

The doorbell rang.

"Looks like you won't have to wait any longer," said LadyMouse.

The children mice ran to the foyer, where GentlemanMouse was just opening the door to the GrandMice.

Squeaking loudly, the children rushed to greet them.


Then there were squeaks of "You're so tall," and "Come see my room," and other exclamations of joy at seeing each other again.

And then—the surprise! A kite! The grandmice took the children to a nearby park and helped them fly it.


Next morning, the children mice rehearse their puppet show with their new theater. In the evening, they produce their play for the grandmice.

The grandmice squeak with delight to see their theater so enjoyed by the children mice.


Felted mice by Diyana Stankove: