The Mice Step Out

The Farmers' Market




LadyMouse goes to the farmers' market. So many good things to choose from! LadyMouse buys ripe tomatoes and sweet, crisp carrots.

At another stall, peaches for the children mice. DaughterMouse likes vegetables, but ToddlerMouse isn't so sure.

The farmers' market has such beautiful fruits and vegetables! Everything is perfect.

At dinnertime, LadyMouse sets a dish of buttered carrots on the table.

"No carrots," says ToddlerMouse.

"That's fine," says LadyMouse. "Carrots are for big mice anyway."

DaughterMouse takes a serving of carrots, and passes them to LadyMouse and GentlemanMouse.

"Carrots!" demands ToddlerMouse.

LadyMouse smiles and gives him a small serving. He eats them right away.

ToddlerMouse asks for a carrot next day for a snack.

"Big mice eat carrots," he squeaks.