The Mice Step Out!

The Mice Visit the Lighthouse


The mice parents take the children to see the lighthouse near their town.

"What is a lighthouse?" asks ToddlerMouse.

"It is a house that has a light to show the ships where the shore is," says GentlemanMouse.

"I don't see a light," says ToddlerMouse.

"They put it on at night."

"Oh. Why?"

"So the ships won't run into the shore. They need to stay in the water."

"If I had a ship," ToddlerMouse squeaks, "I would go on the water and on land, too."

"They don't go on land," says LadyMouse.

ToddlerMouse kicks a little rock. It rolls down the hill. He is upset. He wants ships to go on land.

"Let's think of a ship that can go anywhere," says DaughterMouse. "If they didn't want to go on land, they'd sail through the sky. They could fish in the clouds, and the moon would shine through their sails."

ToddlerMouse cheers up. "What kind of fish?" he squeaks.

"ShadowFish," says DaughterMouse. "And the ship would sail around and around the light, down here on the ground. They'd wave goodbye to it, and then they'd go home."

ToddlerMouse looks at his sister with bright eyes. "Will you tell me another story about it for bedtime?" he asks.

"Yes, after dinner, I will," she says.

"That was a good story," says GentlemanMouse. "But it's time for us to go home now, too."