The Mice Step Out!


The Mice go ice skating!

LadyMouse and GentlemanMouse go on an ice skating date on a frozen lake near their home.

"The lake must have frozen when the air was very still," says LadyMouse. The ice is like a mirror!


While they glide and twirl, Ginnie the Guinea Pig stays with the children. "Can we make cookies?" asks ToddlerMouse.

So they do. They make cocoa for everyone, too. They save cookies and cocoa for their parents to have when they come home from the lake.


"Why do we have gingerbread people and not gingerbread mice?" asks ToddlerMouse.

"Maybe we'll find some gingerbread mice cookie cuttters," says DaughterMouse. "We'll look next time we go to the store."


Felted mice and guinea pig by Diyana Stankova

Cookies from a mold by HOBI