The Mice Step Out!


DaughterMouse gets out her paints and scissors and makes a valentine.

"Who is it for?" asks LadyMouse.

"It is for all of you," says DaughterMouse."Because I love you all."

"It is beautiful," says LadyMouse.

After Valentine's Day, it gets very cold. DaughterMouse's school is closed because of the weather. ToddlerMouse can't go out to play.

"What can we do?" asks DaughterMouse. "We are tired of playing indoors."

"It's too cold for you to go out," says GentlemanMouse. "But I have a special surprise for you."

"What is it?" squeak the little mice.

"It's partly from your grandparents," says GentlemanMouse. "When they were young, they had a beautiful puppet theater. It was in their attic, and they asked me if you would like it. I was sure you would, but it needed a little work, so I restored it for you."

"I made you some puppets to go with it," says LadyMouse. She has! The puppets look like the mouse family and their friends.

The children are delighted. They squeak and giggle. Then they make up plays to show their parents in the evening.



"And your grandparents are visiting next month," says LadyMouse. So maybe you will make a play for them?"

The cold and snow are forgotten!


Felted mice by Diyana Stankova.