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My Cookie Books!

Baking with Cookie Molds
Secrets and Recipes for Making Amazing Handcrafted Cookies



Cookie Molds Around the Year

An Almanac of Molds, Cookies, and Other Treats for Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Other Holidays, and Every Season


Around the Year with Cookie Molds


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Late Fall--An Appreciation of the Season

Recipe: Pumpkin or Apple Cookie Tartlets

Technique: Shaping Cookie Tartlets

Recipe: Cinnamon Chestnut Cookies

Recipe: Cranberry Pecan Layered Cookies

Technique: Layered Cookies

Tip: Using a Butter Mold as a Cookie Mold

November Cookie Molds










December Holidays

Recipe: Cinnamon Almond Treats

Tip: How to Tell When Cookies are Done

Recipe: Honey Cream Cookies

Technique: Getting a Good Print with an Extra-Large Mold

Tip: Handling Oversize Cookies

Recipe: Maple Gingerbread Cookies

Recipe: Chocolate Raspberry Cookie Tartlets

Recipe: Pecan Cookies

Tip: Trimming Cookies

Tip: Molded Cookies as Christmas Ornaments

December Cookie Molds








New Year's, Twelfth Night, and
Storytelling around the Fire

New Year's Cookies (Shortbread Cookies to Serve with Champagne)

Tip: Molding Shortbread

Story: Journey to the Twelfth Night Market

Recipe: King Cookies

Story: The White Cat

Tip: Matching Cookies and Molds

Story: The Princess Mouse, A Tale of Finland

Recipe: Layered Finnish Cookies

Tip: Adapting Recipes

Recipe: Finnish Spice Cookies

Tip: Removing Extra Flour from Molded Cookies

Story: The Ropedancer

Tip: Allover Pattern Rolling Pin

Story: King o’ the Cats

Recipe: Chocolate-Coconut Tea Cookies

Story: The Sea King’s Daughter

Recipe: Plum Gingerbread Tarts

Recipe: Lime Cookies for a January Birthday

Tip: Irregular-Shaped Sandwich Cookies

January Cookie Molds



Valentine Hearts, Flowers, and Chocolates

Valentine Hearts, Flowers, and Chocolates

Recipe: Milk Chocolate Cherry Cookie Tarts

Recipe: Dark Chocolate Cookies with Molded Marzipan Topping

Tip: Working with Marzipan

Recipe: Cinnamon-Cocoa Molded Cookies

Tip: More about Trimming Cookies

Recipe: I Love You Cookies

Tip: Texture and Molded Cookies

Recipe: Layered Chocolate-Orange Valentines

Tip: Preparing Cookie Molds

Recipe: "Sweets for the Sweet" Sugar Cookies

Tip: Using Multi-Cookie Pans/Molds

Tip: Using Found Objects to Mold Cookies

February Cookie Molds


Spring and St. Patrick's Day Special Shortbread Issue


How to Create Your Own Shortbread Recipe

Tip: Shortbread Molds, Forms, and Pans

Recipe: Tropical Shortbread

Recipe: Chocolate-Almond Shortbread

Recipe: Caramel Shortbread

Tip: The Perfect Traditional Shortbread

Tip: Making Shortbread Cookie Tarts

March Cookie Molds


Easter Basket Cookies

Tip: Recognizing the Different Types of Cookie Molds

Recipe: Coconut Sugar Cookies

Tip: Getting the Proportions Right--Honey and Sugar

Recipe: Strawberry Shortcake for Easter Dinner

Tip: Pros and Cons of Honey and Sugar in Molded Cookies

Recipe: Recipe: Soft Molded Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Variation: Soft Chocolate Cookie Tarts

Tip: How to get the best from a Fresh Pineapple

Tip: Creative Combinations of Cookie Molds and Cutters--Faking a Shape, Russian Easter Egg Cookies, Panorama Egg Cookies

Recipe: Cherry and Chocolate Layer Cookies

Recipe: Pecan Cookies with Chocolate Backing

Decorating your Cookies

April Cookie Molds



Gardens--Flowers, Birds, and a few Bugs

Antique and Out-of-Production Cookie Molds

Where to Look for Old Cookie Molds

Antique Cookie Molds

Recipe: Cinnamon Almond Cookies

Twentieth Century Pottery Cookie Molds

Kashigata and Moon Cake Molds

Recipe: Soft Brandy Orange Cookies

Metal Molds and Pans

They Sneaked in! Some irresistible new molds with gardening themes.

May Cookie Molds



Antique Reproduction Cookie and Cake Topper Molds

Cake Topper Molds

Tip: Molding Marzipan and Fondant

Recipe: Dark Chocolate Cookies with Molded Marzipan Topping

The Wedding Coach

Tip: Guide to Buying Cookie Molds

Recipe: Easy Cookies for a Wedding Party

The Bridal Arch

They Sneaked In! A few wonderful choices for wedding cookies besides antique reproductions

Wedding Cookie Stamps

Heart Cookie Tartlets

Personalized Wedding Cookie Molds

June Cookie and Cake Topper Molds



July Picnics

Modern Woodcarvers and their Cookie Molds

Gene Wilson, HOBI Cookie Molds

Vince Marine

Tip: Adjusting for Individual Cookie Molds

Dan and Jane Coultis, Cherry Cookie Molds

Kyna Campbell, My Cookie Mold

Jan VandeVoorde

Recipe: Maple Orange Cookies

Walter Geluyckens

S.R.White Carving



They Sneaked In! A Few Other Good Molds for Picnic Cookies


Cookie Molds for Kids

The Island in August

Cookie Molds for Children's Projects

Your Own Animal Cookies

Mold: Gingerbread Kids

Mold: Animals

Mold: Rearing Horse

Mold: Favorite Cartoon Characters

Mold: Hornbooks

Mold: Tea Party Cookie Stamp

Mold: Classic Pooh Cookie Stamp

Mold: Elves Dancing

Mold: Dinosaur

Mold: Dogs


Quilt Pattern Cookie Molds

September on the Island

Fall Quilting

Quilt Cookie Mold: Hearts

Recipe: Cookies for Quilters' Tea

Quilt Cookie Mold: Heart in Hand

Quilt Cookie Mold: Schoolhouse Quilt

Quilt Cookie Mold: Tulip Basket

Quilt Cookie Mold: Baltimore Album Wreath

Quilt Cookie Mold: Homespun Heart

Tip: Choosing a Recipe for Quilt Cookie Molds

Quilt Cookie Mold: Vase

Quilt Cookie Mold: Tree

Finale: A Whole Quilt!


Halloween Cookie Molds


Halloween Cookie Molds

Cookie Mold: Witch

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Layer Cookies

Cookie Mold: Haunted House

Cookie Mold: Cat

Recipe: Orange Cookies

Cookie Mold: Pumpkin

Three Cookie Molds from Zanda Panda

Full Circle of the Year--and Next Year's Project





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